Here are my Ohio Valley girls, Hazel and Ellie Mae, formerly Blair. We've followed this breeder and had many messages back and forth prior to their birth. She helped me weed through many other possible breeders with such professionalism and care! That's what sealed the deal for me, her passion for ME to find the right puppy and not just one of HER puppies!

We were dead set on a male merle. Dead. Set. But, she didn't have any that really fit the bill of what we were looking for in a puppy. So, after meeting Heather and sitting with several pup's that did fit our wish list, we were chosen by little miss Hazel! A beautiful BTF with such amazing copper! We were stoked! Though, there was one that seemed to be trapped within my heart, pulling ever so desperately at my heart strings! I couldn't stop thinking of her. She was the one that Heather felt was our perfect match, though she paid no mind to us when we visited. Twice even. Hazel was determined to show us, she was our gal!

Though, Blair was still on my mind. She's the cutest most calmest puppy ever. So fluffy. So smart. At 7 weeks she learned to sit, had very little accidents, and is the snuggliest of snugglers! Yet, everyone that inquired about her, passed. I just knew she was meant for us!

I kept watch of Heather's posts of her. All the while praying for a winning lotto ticket! It's Christmas season, one pup had taken so much of our puppy budget, there wasn't anything left to spare for another... double kennels, double food, double vet visits. It just wasn't possible. With 2 other big dogs at home and 2 teenagers...

The day we picked up our beautiful Hazel, we were overjoyed! The day had finally come, after 10 long weeks of waiting! Wouldn't you know, that cute little BTF, with the ever so faintest copper peeking through her fluffy cheeks STOLE my husband's heart in 10 seconds flat!

Heather, knowing we were her perfect match allowed us to take her home with our Hazel, off we went, 2 puppies in toe! I couldn't stop smiling! Seriously, my freaking cheeks hurt!

Having my girls home for 4 weeks tomorrow, I couldn't imagine not having Ellie, formerly Blair! I couldn't imagine having one without the other! The first week was overwhelming, but we survived! These girls are the light of our lives and this breeder, Heather is a lifelong friend! No, she's family! She brought the wonderful world of aussies into our home, our lives, and our hearts... with a bang! Because, after all... go big or go home, right!?

Ohio Valley's Australian Shepherds is BY FAR the BEST breeding program around. Not only because the dogs are top notch, healthy, and have amazing dispositions, but because Heather genuinely cares about her puppies futures! Her passion for this breed is contagious. So be careful, or you too will become infected!

- Jennifer Strimple

I have 2 of Heathers pups. One from this recent liter and my daughter has one from the previous. I won’t get a puppy from anyone else now I feel lucky to have found her. Heather has definitely connected all us girls and we have become like family. I think it’s so cool that Raven will be able to see her siblings again one day. Aussies are very active but so worth it if they can be given the love and attention they need.  Cherry is adorable. Cute name! I look at Raven daily and ask how I got so lucky! She is so smart and such a lover

- Jamie Sue

We absolutely love our babies. I got my Memphis a year and a half ago and my dad just recently got his sister Willow from the most recent litter. You won’t be disappointed. Wonderful dogs from a wonderful family!

- Molly Monborne

Thanks for including me!  We have Finn from a previous litter.  My older son who is 11 shows him in 4-H.  We have 4 dogs total-2 cattle dogs, 2 Aussies.  We love Finn!  He is very social and gets along well with people and animals alike.  We have a farm and he does great around the horses, goats, cows, pigs and chickens.  My most trusted with the chickens which is hard to come by!  He helps herd when animals get loose and loves every minute of it.  He is a sweet boy! Here is a pic of him and my son at a show.

- Amanda Strominger Courtright

We have Sophie from a previous litter and we LOVE her & Heather was awesome to work with. My parents also love Sophie so much and they just so happened to adopt Silas’ brother!!  I couldn’t recommend heather enough!!  We actually will be watching Silas’ brother (Taz) all week.

- Alexis McGhee

Ohio Valley Australian Shepherds