So you have viewed our website and decided one of our puppies would be a perfect new addition to your family, but are wondering how to begin, what is the process?

To start the process of becoming apart of our family here at Ohio Valley Australian Shepherds, fill out one of our puppy questionnaires attached within our website and I will contact you shortly after reviewing it. We also do Pre-reservations on planned breeding so that those wishing to make payments on our puppies can do so, and so that the potential owners and I may chat and get to know each other while we are waiting for a our females to cycle or for puppies to be whelped. Those reservations fees are taken in two payments as the pre-reservation fee at the time of being approved and the second payment being due once a pregnancy is confirmed. These fees ensure that our potential families are seriously interested in one of our puppies so that we do not turn those that are absolutely serious away.Our puppies are not first come first serve, we do require a veterinarian reference, questionnaire, and contract, and that we keep in touch as your new puppy grows. We spend lots of time and apply lots of love into raising our puppies and love continuing to watch them grow through updates.

Once the approval process has started and has been completed you may now place a reservation or a pre-reservation for one of our puppies. These fees are Non-refundable unless a litter should not be whelped or I should decide to terminate an agreement due to any reason and will secure a spot on our litters. This Fee can be made via PayPal friends and family/ bank transfer/ or cash and is Non-Refundable however transferable to a future litter when one should become available, unless otherwise determined by me and agreed upon in writing. I reserve the right of priority pick of the litter and the right to terminate any sale should I become uncomfortable or determine that the home is not suitable for the puppy. Please keep in mind that we do not place our puppies based on appearances alone and will not entertain request for  merle/tri/blue eyes only if we do not have a puppy that will best suit you and/or your families lifestyles. Dogs are meant to be life long companions and that will simply not work if the  personalities of the puppies clash with that of their new families, however we do our best to keep color/ gender in mind when helping you choose your new best friend.

All of our puppies are sold under limited registration as pets only, however for those puppies that grow into excellent examples of the breed ( correct conformation, herding instinct/ completed/passing health testing) Full registration may be released upon a co-own until the dog has titled in at least two venues not limited to CGC and only once all health testing has become complete. Contracts will all be adjusted accordingly.

Puppy Pricing

Here at Ohio Valley Australian shepherds it is my goal to give each and every one of our puppies the very best start to their lives, and a lot goes into that. Raising a litter is neither cheap nor for the faint of heart. Our puppy prices start at $1500-$2000 companion price on a spay/neuter contract. I do not vary prices based on eye or coat color as all of our puppies are equally valued, none more desired that another. None of our dogs or puppies are sold for the sole purpose of breeding and are sold on a co-own until health testing and titling are completed to ensure that we are only passing on those genetics that make our dogs as sound on the inside as they are beautiful on the outside. 


We do not ship puppies, we think it is in the best interest of our puppies and prefer to meet each family in person.

Ohio Valley Australian Shepherds